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13 June 2009


Let me just come right out and say it...

I truly am blessed.

I look back on the last month of my life, and the blessings that I have received are overwhelming and amazing. My life has never been all that horrible, but, as The Boy said earlier tonight, for the last couple of years, I've simply been "treading water." Nothing has been spectacular, and there certainly have been some low points. But I've had no real direction (other than finishing my degree, albeit slowly) or drive. Now it seems that all of that has fallen into place. And I am so thankful.

First and foremost, this new job is such an amazing and unexpected blessing. I've written about it before, but the whole situation has been truly serendipitous. It isn't often that one gets to use that word accurately. but it really applies to this situation. I wasn't planning for it or even hoping for it, but it happening has completely changed my life for the better. I have drive and focus and a plan for the future. I wake up every day, wishing it were the end of July and I was teaching already. 

Secondly, the whole "apartment hunting and moving" experience has been so easy and fluid for me. I know I've complained a lot about it, but it really has been so painless and easy. The packing wasn't as bad as I had thought, and, since movers actually moved everything, the move was fantastic. I'm happy in my new home in my new town, and I love the space I'm in. There really have been no major bumps along the road. 

Thirdly, I'm really blessed to have Bailey becoming a normal dog. We all know that B can be, well, high maintenance. But in the past few months -- and especially since the move -- she has become so level and even. She is still her ever-puppy self, but she's really matured and become less troublesome. I can leave the house and know that she'll be good, and, if she does get into trouble, it's never anything major. It's such a weight off of my shoulders to now have to feel so anxious about leaving her alone. 

I am so thankful for all of the blessings that I have, those described above and the many that go unrecognized each and every day. I wonder if I would be in this same situation had I not started down my semi-recent faith journey. My perspective on things is so different now. This all being said, I don't believe that God has a distinct, pre-destined plan for me. I believe that He presents me with choices and challenges, and it is my responsibility to do what I can with the adversity. How I choose to deal with it and the choices that I make are a direct reflection of my faith and convictions. I don't believe that God planned for me to get the amazing job and great apartment. However, He did arm me with determination and curiousity and strength which ultimately resulted in these amazing blessings. By no mean am I taking credit for the recent wonderful developments in my life. They truly are blessings from God. But I also know that these new opportunities are just another set of choices and chances that He is giving me to deepen and develop my faith and strength.

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