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19 June 2009

Gifts for people I like

The Long Island Princess' wedding shower is tomorrow. I'm normally pretty anti-shower (baby, wedding ... whatever), but I'm excited about this one because I LOVE the couple and they are my NY peeps. Plus it will get me back into the 'boro to visit my chicas one last time before my crazy new life begins. 

So, along with being anti-shower, I'm pretty anti-registry as well. The gifts are always so practical and boring. Avocado slicer, blender, bundt pans ... B-O-R-I-N-G! I like presents to reflect my personality and my unique relationship with the recipient. After talking to LL (the amazing hostess with the mostess!), she convinced me to try to find something off of the registry for the L.I. Princess and then buy a little something "extra" that was more me. So I did. 

I started with a cake display stand and then added the MB touch ...

Oh yeah. That's some pink lingerie. 

And a burgundy bra and thong set with black lace trim. (There are some naughty stockings to go with the second set, but they wouldn't fit in the display!)

How's that for a cake?!?!

I'm pretty sure she'll be a wee bit embarrassed, but what are friends for, right? Nothing screams MB more than lingerie in a dessert display!!!

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