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22 June 2009

Home Sweet NY

As you may have heard, I'm in Upstate NY visiting the fam for a few weeks. Two whole weeks to be exact. I drove in yesterday (Sunday) to surprise Dad for Father's Day. I left NC at 5am at made it to NY by 2:15pm even with DC and Bal'mer traffic. Nine hours ain't bad! Dad was really surprised, and it was a nice little get together. A bit overwhelming to get out out of the car after a nine hour drive and be surrounded by a million people. Well, more accurately, twenty or so rather loud people.

After everyone finally left, Mom, Dad, a pair of good friends, and I all had cocktails on the porch and watched the setting sun. This morning (Monday), I was awoken by an obnoxious clock in my bedroom. AT 6 AM!!!!!!!! I was ready to throw it out the window. We fixed that for tomorrow. Believe me. After getting up at the crack of dawn, I spent the day hanging out with Mom, Pop, and my two nieces. It was a good time.

Now it's time for cocktails and relaxing!
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