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09 June 2009

The MB-tini

Last night was a very small gathering of good friends to say goodbye to the 'boro with me. We gathered at the Lindley Park Filling Station and had some cocktails and snacks. It was a good time. The best part (other than seeing people I love!) was my drink!

I've been pretty into martinis lately. REAL martinis, made with gin, not all those pseudo-martinis like the apple-tini and whatnot. I like my martini with Bombay Sapphire gin, and I like it dirty. And with three olives! I'm kinda specific when it comes to my booze. Well, the LPFS barkeep made me my drink and it was super tasty. When I ordered a second, she gave me the bad news: The bar was out of olive juice. GASP! But she offered to use the kalamata olive juice that they had. I thought, "hmmm ... could be good!" She made the drink as one normally would but substituted the olive juice for kalamata olive juice and speared kalamata olives as a tasty garnish. It was FANTASTIC. I LOVED the drink. Skillz told me that it looked like I was drinking "the blood of my enemies" because the martini had the purple hue of the olives. It was so yummy. I would have had more, but two martinis is enough!

So, from here on out, a martini made with kalamata olives and olive juice will be known as "The MB-tini." You should have one and celebrate!!!
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