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04 June 2009

The Meltdown Cometh

Today, I broke. I haven't full out wept, but I was really close today. I was looking around my house and became completely overwhelmed with the work that lies ahead of me. There is just so much to do, and I'm doing it all alone. This is the first time that I've packed and done the whole moving thing all on my own. I'm not packing everything, but I'm packing a lot. Thankfully I don't have to actually move everything. That would literally kill me.

So I had a moment of panic-ridden anxiety and abandoned my packing efforts to go relax in the pedicure chair. I called The Boy to "talk me down," but he was in a power lunch with some Washington people. So I went the pedi-palace and had an AMAZING foot and leg rub and went home with beautiful new toes. When I did talk to The Boy, he convinced me to pay the moving people to pack more and take the pressure off of me. I made the call and started to feel better. Now I'm sitting on my couch and relaxing. I'm not going to pack anymore. I quit.
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