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11 June 2009


I'm all moved. Let me tell you, I will never move without hiring people EVER again! It was amazing. They arrived at 8:15 and were packing and moving like busy bees for three hours or so. They had the truck packed and ready by 11:30 and, after they weighed the truck and all, we were on the road to Morrisville. We arrived around 2:10pm (it took a little longer than usually because we had to stop for gas and whatnot) and the entire truck was unloaded by 4:00. It was fantastic. And, thanks be to God, nothing was broken except for a small ceramic angel that my Mom gave me for Christmas when I was in high school.

I unpacked the kitchen last night because it's the most important part of the house. After that was all done, I ordered some delivery, took a shower, and curled up in bed to watch a movie on my laptop. I didn't sleep all that great because I was too excited about unpacking! Plus this neighborhood is SOOO quite. Which, normally, is a plus when choosing housing. However, I REALLY like city noise. I like cars driving, doors slamming ... all that. I don't like people talking, but I generally prefer noise to silence when sleeping. B has gotten used to sleeping with lots of noise, and the silence with a few unexpected noises caused her to bark more than usual. We made it through all right.

When I woke up this morning, I quickly started unpacking. As I sit on my rear right now, I'm happy to say that EVERYTHING is unpacked except the books in the office. Well, that and anything that belongs on the walls. That's the last thing I want to worry about. Tomorrow morning I'll put away the office and then I'll have to head out to run a bazillion errands to pick up the things I need for the house. Most notably, GROCERIES! My cupboards are bare. My fridge has cheese, milk, and a million half-empty condiments that I transfered from the old apartment. 

I'm friggin' tired and am going to enjoy my cocktail and movie. Adios, peeps!
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