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13 June 2009

Introducing ... My new digs!

Here are the pics of the newly moved-into and decorated Casa de MB!!!

The living room ... complete with bar and TV in the fireplace. 
I think the TV looks good there (and it was pretty ingenious on my part!)

The foyer area.
Otherwise known as "The Wine and Glasses Storage Area."
Every home needs one.
After all, happiness is a full wine rack!

The Kitchen Region of the home.
Where amazing food is prepared nightly. 
Or, at least, weekly?!

The dining room. 
Nothing special happening there.
Completely utilitarian.

My office.
Where literary magic is supposed to happen.
Operative phrase here is "supposed."

The bedroom. 
This window overlooks my porch. 
Pretty sweet.

Other angle of bedroom. 
Please ignore the stack of laundry on the bed.

My back steps. 
The plants like it here. 

Looking down the back steps.
There's some pretty nice yard space back there.
Good space for bocci ball!

My screened in porch.
I. Love.This.

If only it weren't so friggin' humid, I might actually enjoy it!
Well, there you have it. You should come visit me sometime!

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