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26 June 2012

Baltimore Bound?

For those of you keeping up with me, my interview in Bal'mer was on Monday. I left Raleigh around 7am and had AMAZING weather and the traffic gods smiled upon me and I had smooth sailing the whole way up. In fact, I made it to the DC beltway in record time ... just over 4 hours!! I swear to God I wasn't driving like a maniac!!! Well, no faster than I normally drive.

A pretty day in Richmond.
Anyway, the campus visit went amazingly well. First off, it was a beautiful campus. Driving up the long driveway, you would have had NO idea that you were just a few miles from the city center of Baltimore. It reminded me a lot of home. Lots of established greenery and walking trails. Even a pond ... with a fountain!!

There are geese and ducks there, too. And lots of turtles. 
And they even appealed to the "greeny" in me. Look! Designated parking spaces for eco-friendly transportation!!

Everything went amazingly well. I loved the people. I loved the campus. I loved the philosophy. I loved everything. In short, I fell in love. And I think they fell in love with me, too. I feel very confident that I'm going to get offered the job. Everything really pointed in that direction. I'm just feeling pretty certain that they won't be able to meet me salary requirements. And having to walk away from a job that seems to fit me so well because of money may possibly break my heart. I'll now for certain either way by Monday, and you'll either be able to hear my sobs of sadness or shouts of joy from wherever you are. 
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