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26 June 2012

Introducing the newest blogger ...

Leah's mom gave her a journal to keep track of her adventures this summer. I love the idea, but, let's be real. That's so 1995. :) On the suggestion of a friend, I set her up with her own email and blog. She's not writing rough drafts of posts in her journal. She then types them into Blogger and adds photos. It's pretty adorable, and I'm pretty excited for her. It was a pretty cool experience to give her her very first email account. I've never given someone their first email account, and it seems like such a big step in life. She was SOOOOOOO excited. Lots and lots of "I love you, Aunt Mary!" and "You are the best!" I'll take that.

So now our evening activities include blogging together. It's pretty awesome.

The littlest blogger ...summ

If you'd like to check out her adventures, you can do so here.
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