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22 June 2012

What does complaining get you?


This morning I was at the dealership a few minutes before 8am (!!!!!) to have the service done that should have been completed yesterday. I nestled down with my dissertation while I waited the hour until it was done. I decided not to say anything right away about my complaint to see if they made any efforts to rectify the situation on their own. I did notice that my ticket large red letters written in Sharpie that said "WAITING." :)

In just over an hour (record time, I'm sure), my car was done and they checked me out. As the cashier handed me my paperwork, she gave me a shiny new aluminum water bottle as a good faith gesture. Which I 100% appreciate. I still wanted to speak to the service manager, but I figured I would call this afternoon if I hadn't heard from him.

He called a bit ago, and my file has been annotated to receive detailing and a wash during my next visit. I'm happy with those results. :) 


And now I will tweet out a "job well done" to @VW for their follow-through. 
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