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05 June 2012

My physical memoir

While watching The Big C tonight (I finally bite the bullet and ordered Showtime. AND if you haven't watched this series, you need to. AMAZING.), one of the characters referred to his tattoos as his "memoir." When asked why he didn't have the bad ones removed, he seemed shocked and said that he could never do that because they are his story.

This phrasing and perspective really speaks to me. While I only have four tattoos (but will most likely have more before too long), they certainly do have a part of my story. Each of them is from a very distinct chapter of my life that represents a period of change or importance to me and my life. They are my story. They reveal certain truths about me and remind me of both joyful and challenging parts of my life. 

I love my tats. Even the ones that I've eventually covered over with something else, I know that they are still there and they represent something. 

They are my physical memoir. 

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