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06 June 2012

New adventure - Paddle Boarding!

On Sunday, the ladies and I tried out a new adventure ... paddle boarding!! I'd been wanting to try this out for some time, so, when a Living Social coupon came out for 50% off lessons, we jumped at the chance! The weather was gorgeous (with just a little too much wind), and we had an awesome time. 

I knew that paddle boarding was an intense core workout, but I didn't realize how much you used the stabilization muscles in your legs! At the end of the 90 minute session, I was pretty tired. I also think the motion of paddling tweaked my already tweaked hip, but it was worth it. I didn't have the soreness the next day that I expected, but I also didn't really push myself because I was nervous. To be honest, I was afraidof falling in the water. I'm not afraid of water. Just the falling part. I also highly recommend paying the money for a paddle boarding class. They teach you all the correct motions and positions to avoid injury and conserve energy. Plus the instructors were both cute and informative!

I'm headed to the beach this weekend with one of the ladies, and we both can't wait to give paddle boarding another go.

The Better Half of MFMC, Q's Momma, and me

Our class was small. Which was ideal!
The Better Half again, db, me, and Q's Momma ... basking in our paddle boarding success. 
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