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10 June 2012

Goodbye, watery whiskey!!

I have wanted whiskey stones for some time now, but I finally got a set!! The premise behind them is simple. They are stones that you keep in the freezer to chill your whiskey without watering it down. I couldn't wait to get home from the beach to try them out. After dinner today, I finally got the opportunity to use them!

So far, I love them! They chill my whiskey to just the right temperature -- not too cold, not too warm -- and they don't add any odd flavor or smells. I know some people like their whiskey with an ice cube to water it down a bit, but I don't. And these stones are perfect! And they are easy to clean. you jut rinse them off and pop them back into the freezer. I'm eager to use them with some flavored rums and other liquors. 

And they look pretty! 

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