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26 June 2012

The Summer of Leah begins

For some crazy reason, I'm taking care of my 9-year-old niece for the entire month of July. I'm pretty sure I suffered a minor brain stroke or something when I agreed to this. But seriously, it should be an fun and interesting month. We may kill each other by the end of the summer, but we'll have fun getting there. 

I picked up Leah in Baltimore after my campus visit on Monday. My mom took her and her little sister to the National Aquarium, and then we met up at Wegman's (!!!) afterwards. From there, we headed to my cousins' house for the night. We went out to dinner and then left early this morning to head back to NC. It's been over 24 hours, and we're still doing well. :)

Leah, checking out Annapolis harbour. 
I've also decided that this summer will be Leah's summer of "new things." She is going to try all kinds of new things -- foods, adventures, experiences -- to broaden her horizons. We started right out of the gate at dinner last night. She tried blue crab. Which she didn't like. But the important thing is that she tried it! She much preferred smashing the shells with the hammer. 

The "new things" continued this morning. She had her first crepe! It was filled with peanut butter, honey, granola, and bananas. Mine had nutella in it, and she had a bite. And, of course, fell in love with nutella! But, really. Who doesn't like nutella?

Leah's first crepe.
We sat on the harbour dock and ate our crepes in the morning sun. It was pretty fantastic. 

Leah at the harbor. 
Headed back to NC

Once we got home, it was unpacking and straight to the pool. Where she promptly turned into a mermaid.

I'm looking forward to what this summer brings. If nothing else, a lot of memories will be made. 
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