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06 June 2012

My Pursuit of Happiness - Update

My job relocation is currently on hold. The job opportunity in my dream city (Savannah, for those who didn't know) didn't pan out because, as it turns out, I'm too expensive for them. Sad face. I would have had to have taken a pay cut to relocate because the school was pretty awesome, but they could only come within 8k of my current salary. I can't make that much of a sacrifice right now. So, for now, I continue on my search for professional happiness. While I'm disappointed about how things worked out, I trust that they worked out that way for a reason. I don't know what that reason is right now, but I have faith that it will eventually be revealed to me.

My pursuit of personal happiness has also taken a rather sharp turn. I spoke to The Beau this evening and called things off. We've only been dating for a few months, and there were enough red flags in front of me that I knew things weren't going to really go anywhere. I won't rehash the red flags here because I would hate for this to be a litany of all the things that bother me about him. While he and I had a lot of fun hanging out with each other, the essential differences made me all too aware that I wasn't completely happy. And, after all that I've experienced in the past year, I will accept nothing less.

Wow. I'm really on a voyage of self-actualization these days.

Go me.
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