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12 June 2012

Ewwww. Gross.

My wicked sunburn has blistered. I have little blisters all over my back, sides, and on my side-boob (which also somehow escaped sunscreen application). It burns (no pun intended) and is horribly uncomfortable. 

The funny thing is that I haven't had a sunburn, let alone one that blistered, in at least two decades. I didn't know what to do, so I had to call the school nurse for advice (after I had to have my kickboxing instructor check me out to verify that, yes, I was indeed covered with little blisters). On the way home from the gym, I picked up some kick-ass aloe vera with lidocaine (a topical pain killer), and now I'm feeling pretty good. 

I'm just a little skeeved out at the prospect of them starting to ooze ...

A small selection of my blisters. Gross. 
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