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14 March 2011

The Before and Aftermath

Today involved some heavy-duty housecleaning. The apartment was a PIT after being neglected for about 10 days while The Boy was in town. 

This is my desk at the start of the day. I don't know how it got this bad,
but it certainly isn't conducive to any type of real work.

The bedroom.
Scary, huh?

And the mess continues ...

Question of the day:
How many pairs of shoes can be seen in this photo?
After a few hours of hard work, the apartment has returned to her former glory. 

My desk is a desk again!
Look how clean and organized it is!

The office is looking pretty spectacular.
And Bailey has already camped out in her spot.

Look at my bedroom now!
Much more like the sanctuary it should be.

Ahhh ....
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