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17 March 2011

A Springtime Fact Finding Mission

Today was absolutely gorgeous. It was truly a beautiful NC spring day. A nice breeze was blowing, the sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud to be seen, and the air smelled like warming dirt and fresh grass clippings. It truly was wonderful. So, after my workout at the gym, I returned home to take The Beast for a walk. Given the beautiful weather, I brought along the camera to document "spring" sightings along the way. Happily, we found spring in many places!

A new section of road that extends my street has opened, 
and we certainly found some spring there.

The gumball trees were certainly telling the world it is spring. 

A cherry blossom tree was layered heavily with blooms...

... whispering softly that spring is here. 

The Bradford Pears are slowly losing their blooms and fading to green,
a sure sign of spring.

And the forsythia is on fire. 
Definitely spring.

I think our travels today have certainly proven that spring is here. What do you think?

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