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14 March 2011

The Seasonal Switch-Out

Part of my self-assigned tasks was to switch out my winter and summer clothes. We still have some cool days ahead, but this week is the only real time that I'll have to get it done before the really warm weather hits. I always love getting out my warm weather clothes because it always makes me feel like I have a ton of new clothes to choose from. Even though most of the clothes that I own are tried-and-true favorites that have lasted more than a few seasons, it always feels like they are new. It's like shopping ... but free!

The best part of getting out my summer clothes? All of my summer dresses!
All my dresses!
I can't wait to wear them.
Summer skirts, too!

And, yes, I do color group my clothing.
In the process of swapping out my seasonal clothing, I managed to pull out two bags worth of clothing to give away. I also gave away three purses and two jackets. I'm pretty happy with that. Most importantly, I actually took the items to the Goodwill drop today. Normally I'll collect things to give away and then they will sit in the house or the car for WEEKS until I actually drop them off. Today I managed to take them to Goodwill immediately. I was pretty proud of me. 

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