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14 March 2011

Monday To-Do Check In

Monday is now mostly over, so let's see how I did on my list of things to do ...

1.) Put my apartment back together after a 10-day visitor and a busy baby-shower weekend. The apartment has been fully restored to her pre-guest and baby-shower-planning-chaos state. I'm pretty stoked about this.
2.) Work out (hopefully with Quinn's Momma). Done and done. I've even gotten back onto the weight-loss wagon as far as diet goes, so I'm doubly happy about getting my fitness on earlier. 
3.) Put out my spring/summer wardrobe and get the closets back in order. So totally done. I even managed to collect over two bags of give-away clothes that I either don't wear or don't like. I'm also discarding some old beat up purses and jackets. 
4.) Work on editing the poems for Sounding Brass (VMI's lit mag). Haven't done this yet. It's my plan for this evening after I grocery shop (something I forgot to put on my list before!)
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