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13 March 2011

It's raining babies!!

That is what a baby shower is, after all, right?

Today was my friend Amy's baby shower. She is expecting a little girl in June, and Little DB, Quinn's Momma, and I threw her a shower on this glorious spring morning to celebrate and shower her with gifts. We've spent a good deal of time planning and coordinating (over a few cocktails, of course!) to ensure that all went off without a hitch. Happily, everything went perfectly!

The "guest book."
Favors - birdseed
The tags on the favors
A set table
Our bird's nests in a bird's nest!
Very yummy cupcakes!

Gotta have mimosas at a brunch, right?
Flowers for the momma-to-be
Fruit kabobs!
Lots of presents!
A sign of a well loved momma-to-be!
The poppa with Baby Girl's first purse.
The Quinnster checking out all the action.
The bunny from Where the Wild Things Are!

Now we all have to sit and wait for her to arrive!
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