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21 March 2011

Update: My New Cosmetic Love

About a month ago I posted about my new cosmetic discovery: the Mario Badescu line. I've been using the products religiously for the last three weeks, and I have to say that I am VERY pleased with the results.  My skin is generally clearer, smoother, and more "glowy." I still get the occasional blemish, but they are far less intense and long in duration. When I first discovered their products, they were supposed to send me some free samples based on my skin assessment (a very quick little "quiz" that you can take online at their site). Well, sadly, the products never arrived. I contacted them last week to let them know, and, TADA!, there was a package in the mail from them today. In the package were cute little trial size samples of all of the products that the online skin assessment recommended as well as a personalized (by hand!) instructions card for when and how to use each product.

I'm pretty excited to use some of these samples tonight when I shower after the gym. Especially the Orange Tonic Mask (to clean some of my pores) and the Strawberry Face Scrub (for some exfoliation).*

*I've been using the Honey Almond Scrub and I LOVE IT! I'm interested to see how the Strawberry Scrub measures up.

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