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28 March 2011

Lean treats are good eats

Here's a fact you may not know about me: I LOVE bananas. Completely and totally. If it tastes like bananas, I will most likely love it. In fact, even my pup loves bananas. She can hear you open one from another room and will come running to wait for a little nibble. And it's pretty great that I love bananas as much as I do because they are really good for you. They have lots of fiber and tryptophan (which eases depression) and potassium (which helps balance your body's fluid levels as well as normalizes your heartbeat ... i.e. stress relief) and lost of B vitamins as well as being linked to a dramatic decrease in the incidence of stroke (by 40%!). And, most importantly, they are really, really, really good! I eat one every morning with my breakfast, and I usually have one in the evening in my dinner smoothie. 

Today I had three. One with breakfast, one in my evening smoothie, and one for dessert. Mmmmmm .... I recently found a "recipe" for broiled bananas, and it is VERY tasty and VERY easy. All you need is a banana split into quarters and some brown sugar. Sprinkle a thin layer of brown sugar on each quarter and pop them under the broiler for a few minutes until they a caramelized. They taste just like banana creme brulee! Tonight I went a small step further and added a scoop of dark chocolate fro-yo and a slight sprinkling of toasted coconut. Mmmmmmmm .... so tasty. And actually pretty decent in terms of caloric value and nutrition.

Truth be told, I didn't deserve a dessert given that I didn't go to the gym tonight (and haven't since Thursday ... agh ... feeling sedentary!), but I couldn't resist. This nice thing about this snack is that it doesn't weigh you down and make you feel gross. 

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